kavaca Paint protection film

Sick of Rock chips? You need PPF by awthentik®.

Why paint protection film? PPF is a replaceable film that protects your vehicles most crucial areas from rock chips and impact. Our high end Kavaca film has the longest warranty in the industry and highly hydrophobic which makes it much easier to clean!

KAVACA Regenerating Paint Protection Film installed at awthentik offers a level of instant self healing never before seen in the PPF industry. This is the next generation of paint protection film, with a self healing effect that is instantaneous. It does not require a heat source like the paint protection films offered by competitors.

why kavaca?

KAVACA is an ancient Sanskrit word that translates as “armor”

Nanotechnology Infused Top Coat

The advanced technology infused in Ceramic Pro’s Kavaca Paint Protection Film allows this PPF to instantly heal – without spending hours in the sunlight or direct exposure of heat. The top coat is also extremely hydrophobic, allowing water, pollen, bird droppings, bug splatters, and tree sap to be removed without using harsh chemical cleaning agents.

Nano Technology Infused Adhesive

Ceramic Pro spent years formulating a proprietary adhesive to fill defects and light scratches found in the vehicle’s surface or substrates. The unique characteristics of Kavaca PPF’s adhesive allows installers at awthentik to repeatedly lift, stretch, and fit prior to final adhesion. This allows for better installation, and superior adhesion when cured.

Our paint protection film goes on your carfax. yes. you read that right.


KAVACA Instant Healing paint protection film is an investment in protecting your vehicle’s resale value.

  • Helps to protect the vehicle’s paint and other materials from road debris
  • Can be applied as a front bumper package, clear bra, full front, or entire vehicle.
  • Up to a 12 Year Limited Warranty – Highest Among Protective Film
  • Documented on CarFax Vehicle History Report
  • Increase vehicle’s resale value. Protects the factory finish.
  • Extreme high gloss surface
  • Instant scratch healing without heating
  • Slick surface due to nanoceramic top coat
  • Advanced chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Resistance to high temperatures

KAVACA Promo Video

What kind of coverage do you need? We do Gloss and Matte!

Front Bumper Package


•Full Front Bumper

Partial Front Package


•Full Front Bumper
•Partial Hood and Fenders

Full Front Package


•Full Front Bumper
•Full Hood
•Full Fenders

Entire Vehicle Package


Entire car – all painted surfaces of the vehicle and headlights.

PPF Individual area add ons:

•Mirrors  •Bumper  •Rocker Panels  •Partial Hood  •Full Hood  •Headlights  •Door Edges/Handles/Cups  •Trunk  •Partial Roof

see kavaca in action

Ready to armor coat your vehicle?

premium Paint Protection film

We found the best paint protection film on the market and got fully certified to install it. With our extensive background in vehicle wraps, we are seasoned pros at all vinyl installs.

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