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Vehicle Wrap Financing FAQ

In most cases no! Banks require deposits for personal loans. Financing your wrap is like an equipment loan that can be done with no money down.

Startups are encouraged to apply. 

You can defer payments until your vehicle wrap is installed.

Yes! In most cases you can get approved.

Quick Spark financial will contact you to very information. Then set up a plan that works for you.

Why Finance?

Sometimes you need to keep cash on hand. A lot of larger fleets utilize financing to keep more capital for investments. Small businesses can also use financing to get their business on the road faster.

Think big. Really big.

Starting with one vehicle? That's great! Our goal is to help you grow as fast as possible. Save money by financing your wraps and use cash for building your brand.

secure financing application

It's pretty easy. Click the link. Fill out the info. Your information is totally secure. You won't get spammed with inquires on your credit.

You are really close! Let Quick Spark to the rest.

If you are ready to get a wrap on your vehicle. Click the get financed link.

We will let you know when we receive your financing info and can start on your project.

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