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img0649-WrapNot only can vehicle wraps make even a smart cart look bad ass, but bumper-to-bumper vehicle wraps can turn your set of wheels into a rolling billboard that doubles your revenue.  If you’re spending money on vehicle payments you might as well make that car work for you – right?  In most cases a small business owner can see a significant return each month because not only are you turning heads while driving but if you can park the vehicle in visible locations then your car sits there selling for you 24/7.

Unfortunately there are some business owners who have jumped on the vehicle wrap bandwagon and wound up with less than stellar results.  Digest these tips to get the most out of this form of marketing.

Vehicle Wrap Tip #1 – Don’t Let Personal Taste Dominate

Often a business owner comes to the realization that vehicle wraps are a great idea because they saw another business sporting a sweet wrap.  They loved the design, it appealed to them, so they want to do something similar.  The problem is, the vehicle wrap of that business isn’t designed for your target audience; it’s for theirs.  Your marketing should be geared specifically to the likes of your target audience and what appeals to those customers.  It’s not about what you like; for a vehicle wrap to be effective you need a fresh, creative design that specifically fits your brand.

Vehicle Wrap Tip #2 – Not Everyone Can Design a Vehicle Wrap

You shouldn’t ask a creative family member to do a design just because they’re family, and you shouldn’t necessarily base your decision off the rave reviews of others. Why?  Because, what worked for them may not necessarily work for you and not everyone can design a quality vehicle wrap (or apply it.) You need to work with a professional who can dig into your brand, your market and your audience to find out what it takes to connect with those customers. Then you work backward to come up with the creative design.  Sometimes it’s a key subtlety that makes everything click for a customer.

Vehicle Wrap Tip #3 – Be Clear and Precise

While you can stand still and appreciate your vehicle design when its parked, a motorist driving past only has a few seconds to get the message contained in your vehicle wrap design. The message needs to be clear, and it must direct or control where people look first.  It also needs to leave a lasting impression.   If your design elements are scattered with no real strategy then your audience might not get the point of your message, or they might miss key elements to help sell them on your brand.

Vehicle Wrap Tip #4 – A Good Wrap Matches the Vehicle

If you’re driving some kind of a rugged vehicle like an original Hummer then feminine or neon colors might not be the most appropriate – unless you’re selling something like Mary Kay.  Keep your design fitting to the style of the vehicle.  For example – We recently did some chrome wrap application to a Camaro a la Transformers that came out looking amazing.  If you’ve got a rugged vehicle, go with that same rugged quality to promote your brand.  If your company is branding itself with a smart car, then stick with something savvy or efficient, with a micro or streamlined look.

Contact us today or check out our gallery to see some of the ways other local business are using custom vehicle wraps to effectively market their business.  We could do the same for you.

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Some 90's feel moto graphics going out to Florida for this Cobra FWE CX50. 
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Anyone watch the @teslamotors #cybertruck release last night?

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Sometimes you can't help it when you're gangsta. Custom design - print - install 
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A perfect photo for a perfect wrap design. 
More to come. 
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1st request for a pinstripe around the edge of the graphics but we think it looks sweet. 
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