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Make Your Vehicle Wrap Work For You

The ultimate goal of having a custom vehicle wrap is to bring in new leads for your business and increase your bottom line. Let’s face it, if you purchase a vehicle wrap and leave the vehicle sitting in your garage- you might not get the results your looking for. In order for your vehicle wrap to work for you, it’s going to take a little bit of work. So, what can you do to help increase presence and bring you new clientele? It’s actually quite simple, just follow the 5 steps below!

1: Simplicity in Vehicle Wrap Design

If you haven’t yet designed your vehicle wrap, it might be a good time to think “KISS”. That’s right, Keep It Simple Stupid. A clean simple design with a large and easy to read message will always prevail over something cluttered. People are visual people so try to make sure your potential viewers can visually relate to what your company offers quickly and efficiently. A good rule of thumb it the 3 second rule. (No, not the one where you drop your food on the ground.) The 3 second rule applies to the amount of time most people will see your vehicle and what it will take to remember your company name or phone number. Go stand on a busy street corner and watch vehicles pass. Now, what can you create that will be remembered in the time it took that vehicle to pass? Plumbing? Electrician? Carpet Cleaner?

It’s essential that your simple vehicle wrap contains to the point advertising. It’s best to not try and list all of your services because most people won’t have time to absorb all of that. They are only going to see what catches their eyes and remember why they need to call you. Now- If you already have a vehicle wrap the next steps could still benefit you, but a vehicle wrap with a bad design could also ruin you.

2: Drive Drive Drive.

Well, you got a vehicle wrap for a reason- Drive it! Everywhere your wrapped vehicle drives publicly, you are reaching potential customers. If they can remember you, you get new calls. I like to think of vehicle wraps as ‘Triggers.” Huh?? What’s that? Well, by human nature everybody procrastinates. In an average day more people then you know have 10,000 things going on subliminally in their heads that need to be addressed. For instance, somebody knows they need to have that air conditioning unit looked at but were to lazy to make calls. They see a wrapped van drive by them that says “Joe’s Heating and Air”. Boom. Trigger! The mind is reminded that the A/C needs fixing and now they know who to call. The fact that the graphics were on a vehicle triggers convenience- which is even better. Triggers happen everywhere and the more peoples minds you can trigger into needing your product or service, the more your business can grow!

3: Dude, where’s my Car?

Where to park.. In the middle of a mess of cars? In the front of a parking lot? In the back? This is something that you should really consider when taking your vehicle into public parking lots. (Or anywhere for that matter.) I drive a wrapped vehicle, (should be a given, right?) and everywhere I go I try to strategically park. I think of it as a game and where I park will get me the most points. I always go for the front row spots unless they are taken. People will see it, and either they will call or strike up a conversation. Sometimes more then anything, more conversions are made from people starting a conversation and getting a business card then calls. In this case, you must be kind and courteous. Parking in the middle of a parking lot between to large vans might not be the best place to maximize exposure. Just sayin’.

4: Don’t Drive like an Ass

Admit it, you have driven like an ass at least once in your lifetime. It’s ok, we won’t tell anyone. On a serious note: Now that you have a vehicle wrap, you are going to have to watch your actions a bit more. Unless your website is and you want to increase traffic tenfold… Chill out! I call myself a “Grandpa Driver” because I tend to drive with, or slower that the flow of traffic. If you are blazing down the freeway, people won’t have a chance to see what your offering. I notice people slow down to my speed to see my wrap all the time. Sometimes you might feel you have stalkers from people following you oddly. Don’t worry, more then likely they are just grabbing your phone number. Please don’t drive like you are in a police chase to avoid them!

5: Give it a car wash baby.

Keeping your vehicle wrap clean is one of the most important parts of your mobile marketing campaign. Why? A dirty vehicle wrap can start to brown or crack after prolonged abuse which will shorten your overall campaign. A clean vehicle wrap can last your business 6 plus years when cared for and waxed often. We have another Blog entry about Acid fallout on vehicle wraps you might want to read that covers environmental problems that damage vehicle wraps. If you have invested in a vehicle wrap then you will want to protect your investment. So as I said above, keep it clean!

So.. If you really want to make your vehicle wraps work for you, remember these key facts and let your graphics do the rest.

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