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The Difference Between Professional and “Ew…”

Be honest with yourself, not everything is a DIY project that should be tackled at home.  With a little creative editing and the removal of expletives and other four letter words, HGTV can make –any- project look like a snap!  Why the heck would you pay the emergency rate for a plumber when you can grab your incomplete wrench set and fire up a few YouTube videos.

It all sounds like a great idea until you’re holding a wrench in knee deep water trying to figure out how to salvage the furniture.

This is a lesson I learned once upon a time with wallpaper when I got this brilliant idea to gut our bathroom and redo it.  After all the hard work, I was greeted with wallpaper lying on the floor.  It all unrolled from the walls after the first steamy shower.  My second attempt was worse – I’ve never seen my wife turn so many shades of red.

We call them professionals for a reason, and there are some things that should be left to a pro.  Vehicle wraps is one of those things.  No far be it from me to appear overly promotional with this particular post but I want to explain just how important careful applications of vehicle wraps is to the look and performance of your vehicle.  Whether you want to try it on your own or you’re shopping around it’s important to be educated.

My main concern for bringing this up is because of the number of website promoting kits to install vinyl wraps on your own at home.  There’s also a lot of vehicle wrap companies around San Diego that are offering bargain prices on installs.  The value of professional installation at a reasonable price should not be minimized.

If you’re thinking self-install, ask yourself some important questions:

  • Do you know how to prevent debris from getting trapped under your vinyl wrap as you apply it?
  • What’s the most effective way to clean a car exterior? What about the glass?
  • Will your vinyl last as long on fiberglass as it does on glass or metal?
  • How do you overlap with the natural aerodynamics of the vehicle to avoid seam lifting?
  • Which end of a squeegee do you use to deal with rivets?
  • Do you even use a squeegee for the last question?

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to your vehicle wrap is that it is representing your business.  It’s ok to cut corners and trim your budget on certain things but never on your company image.  Doing it yourself, or shopping by price alone, are quick ways to ruin your brand image.  Vehicle wraps in this area are effective.  They turn heads.  People notice you.  Do you want them to notice a professional, sharp looking wrap or hodgepodge that winds up costing you your initial investment plus lost prospects?

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